"Having never truly understood how things we take for granted meant so much, I now see how these things (food, water, shelter, etc.) are the difference between life and death. It is an honor to be able to assist those who are less fortunate."

Dedric K. Myers

Our Mission

Our Mission, Helping Others Help Themselves is very simple, but yet very inclusive. As we provide resource to all persons in need, Doing Our Part is an active participant within our communities. We strive to assist those in need with adequate resources to become productive citizens within their respective communities.

Our Vision

The Vision of Doing Our Part is to eradicate childhood hunger by school-aged students with adequate knowledge and resources to provide quality meals for their families.

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  • 2001
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  • 2015
  • Vision

    The Vision

    Dedric K. Myers has a vision to help those that are in need, just not sure how to do it. He realizes that he could very easily be one of those in need.

  • Commitment

    The Commitment

    After meeting and speaking with a homeless person, Dedric K. Myers made a commitment to help as often as possible.

  • Growth

    Life Change

    Continues with commitment, has now involved family and friends. During a “Feeding the Homeless” event, Dedric K. Myers meets a person that has forever changed his life.

  • Investment


    First major investment into vision is made with the purchase of equipment to provide healthy and nutritious meals to the hungry.

  • Creation


    Doing Our Part is created and introduced

  • Results

    The Results

    Total of 147 meals served. Countless clothing, hygienic and medical supplies donated.

  • Expansion

    The Expansion

    Over 3,000 meals served. Number of volunteers tripled, donations doubled, countless smiles delivered.

  • Volunteers


    Help us make it better!

Message from the Founder

As Founder of Doing Our Part (DOP), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. As our Mission states, we are truly about “HELPING OTHERS HELP THEMSELVES”. As a nationally recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit, DOP serves our community effortlessly. I encourage you to review some of the activities that we currently participate in and commit to supporting someone who is in need of a little help. As the years have come and gone, I have had the opportunity to meet some very inspiring people. One of the most inspiring happened to be a person that was down on hard times. As he and I engaged in a very intellectual conversation, I was extremely intrigued to hear his story. As I struggle with wanting to ask about his story, I finally made the decision to just ask. He had one response, “I made a bad decision!” After hearing and understanding that, I immediately realized a “decision” needed to be made. That decision was to create Doing Our Part!!!

By serving as the Founder of DOP, I have become keenly aware of the needs of less fortunate. While there are many public services that are available, it is going to take much more than public assistance to reach our local communities. With financial, physical and community commitment, DOP has an excellent opportunity to provide exceptional opportunities for the less fortunate within our community.

I invite you to partner with Doing Our Part in making a difference. While there is plenty of work to be done, we can’t accomplish this alone. However, we can make a difference by DOING OUR PART.

Again, I thank you for visiting our page and please come back again.



Dedric K. Myers